noun \ˈgən\

: a weapon that shoots bullets or shells

: a tool or device that looks like a gun

Full Definition of GUN

a :  a piece of ordnance usually with high muzzle velocity and comparatively flat trajectory
b :  a portable firearm (as a rifle or handgun)
c :  a device that throws a projectile
a :  a discharge of a gun especially as a salute or signal
b :  a signal marking a beginning or ending
a :  hunter
b :  gunman
:  something suggesting a gun in shape or function
:  throttle
gunned \ˈgənd\ adjective
under the gun
:  under pressure or attack

Examples of GUN

  1. a gun battle between gang members and the police
  2. She claimed that the gun went off accidentally.

Origin of GUN

Middle English gonne, gunne
First Known Use: 14th century

Other Weapons and Explosives Terms

automatic, carbine, cudgel, muzzle, rapier

Rhymes with GUN



: to cause (a car or a car's engine) to go very fast by pressing the accelerator

: to throw (something) very hard


Full Definition of GUN

transitive verb
a :  to fire on
b :  shoot <gunned down by a hit man>
a :  to open up the throttle of so as to increase speed <gun the engine>
b :  fire 3b <gunned the ball to first base>
intransitive verb
:  to hunt with a gun
gun for
:  to aim at or go after with determination or effort

Examples of GUN

  1. She let the car coast down the hill, then gunned it.
  2. The shortstop gunned the ball to first base.

First Known Use of GUN

May 29, 2015
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unmistakable, remarkable, or voluptuous
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