verb \ˈthrä-təl\

: to choke or strangle (someone)

: to defeat (someone or something) easily or completely

: to not allow (something) to grow or develop

throt·tledthrot·tling \ˈthrät-liŋ, ˈthrä-təl-iŋ\

Full Definition of THROTTLE

transitive verb
a (1) :  to compress the throat of :  choke (2) :  to kill by such action
b :  to prevent or check expression or activity of :  suppress <policies that throttle creativity>
a :  to decrease the flow of (as steam or fuel to an engine) by a valve
b :  to regulate and especially to reduce the speed of (as an engine) by such means
c :  to vary the thrust of (a rocket engine) during flight
intransitive verb
:  to throttle something (as an engine) —usually used with back or down <the pilot throttled back>
throt·tler \ˈthrät-lər, ˈthrä-təl-ər\ noun

Examples of THROTTLE

  1. He throttled her in a fit of jealous rage.
  2. I'm so mad I could throttle her!

Origin of THROTTLE

Middle English throtelen, from throte throat
First Known Use: 15th century

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: a device that controls the flow of fuel to an engine

Full Definition of THROTTLE

a :  throat 1a
b :  trachea 1
a :  a valve for regulating the supply of a fluid (as steam) to an engine; especially :  the valve controlling the volume of vaporized fuel charge delivered to the cylinders of an internal combustion engine
b :  the lever controlling this valve
c :  the condition of being throttled
at full throttle
:  at full speed <the project is proceeding at full throttle>

Examples of THROTTLE

  1. When you press a car's accelerator, it opens the throttle, and the car goes faster.

Origin of THROTTLE

perhaps from Middle English *throtel, diminutive of throte throat
First Known Use: circa 1547

Other Automotive Terms

articulated, block, choke, clutch, diesel, neutral, transmission

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noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Valve for regulating the supply of a fluid (as steam) to an engine, especially the valve controlling the volume of vaporized fuel delivered to the cylinders of an internal-combustion engine. In an automobile engine, gasoline is held in a chamber above the carburetor. Air flows down through the throat of the carburetor, past the throttle valve, and into the intake manifold. A throat is formed by the reduced diameter, and acceleration of the air through this smaller passage causes a decrease in pressure related to the amount of air flowing. This decrease in throat pressure results in fuel flow from the jet into the airstream. Any increase in airflow caused by change in engine speed or throttle position increases the pressure differential acting on the fuel and causes more fuel to flow. See also venturi tube.


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