verb \ˈgrasp\

: to take and hold (something) with your fingers, hands, etc.

: to understand (something that is complicated or difficult)

Full Definition of GRASP

intransitive verb
:  to make the motion of seizing :  clutch
transitive verb
:  to take or seize eagerly
:  to clasp or embrace especially with the fingers or arms
:  to lay hold of with the mind :  comprehend
grasp·able \ˈgras-pə-bəl\ adjective
grasp·er noun
grasp at straws
:  to reach for or try anything in desperation
grasp the nettle
:  to act boldly

Examples of GRASP

  1. I grasped the end of the rope and pulled as hard as I could.
  2. I grasped the rope by its end.
  3. His arthritis is so bad he can barely grasp a pencil.

Origin of GRASP

Middle English graspen
First Known Use: 14th century

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Rhymes with GRASP



: a usually strong hold

: an understanding of something

: the distance that can be reached by your arms and hands

Full Definition of GRASP

a :  handle
b :  embrace
:  hold, control
a :  the reach of the arms
b :  the power of seizing and holding or attaining <success lay within their grasp>
:  mental hold or comprehension especially when broad <a remarkable grasp of the subject>

Examples of GRASP

  1. The author shows a weak grasp of military strategy.
  2. The books on the top shelf are just beyond my grasp.
  3. She moved the toy to within the baby's grasp.
  4. She felt the solution was within her grasp.

First Known Use of GRASP



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