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Synonyms and Antonyms of grasp

  1. 1 the ability to direct the course of something <for a time it looked like most of Europe would be within Hitler's grasp> Synonyms control, hand(s)Related Words clutch, grip, hold, mastery; arm, command, dominion, helm, sway; authority, domination, jurisdiction, might, power; administration, direction, governance, government, guidance, management, operation, oversight, regulation, running, superintendence, supervisionNear Antonyms helplessness, weakness; impotence, impotency, powerlessness

  2. 2 the act or manner of holding <during the roller coaster ride, my date clutched my arm with a deathlike grasp> Synonyms clasp, clench, grapple, hold, grip, handgrip, handholdRelated Words anchorage, leverage, purchase; grab, seizure; foothold, footing, toehold; clinch, embrace, hugNear Antonyms release, relinquishment

  3. 3 the knowledge gained from the process of coming to know or understand something <I think I finally have a grasp of Spanish grammar> Synonyms appreciation, apprehension, comprehension, grip, hold, perception, percipience, understandingRelated Words absorption, assimilation, digestion, uptake; conception, visualization; awareness, consciousness, enlightenment, realizationNear Antonyms misapprehension, miscomprehension, misinterpretation, misperception, misunderstandingAntonyms incomprehension, noncomprehension



Synonyms and Antonyms of grasp

  1. 1 to have a practical understanding of <he just doesn't grasp how important it is that he call when he'll be late> Synonyms comprehend, know, understandRelated Words appreciate, apprehend, cognize, fathom, follow, ken [chiefly Scottish], perceive, savvy; have, possess; catch on (to), pick upNear Antonyms misapprehend, misconceive, misinterpret, misknow, misperceive, misunderstand

  2. 2 to put one's arms around and press tightly <the departing soldier grasped his children a little closer than usual> Synonyms bear-hug, clasp, crush, enclasp, enfold, embrace, hug, strainRelated Words clamp, cling, cradle, grab, grip, hold; bosom, embosom, encircle, entwine, envelop, enwind; fold, lock, twine, wrap; cuddle, fondle, nestle, nuzzle, pat, pet, snuggle, stroke

  3. 3 to reach for and take hold of by embracing with the fingers or arms <the attendant grasped my arm and steered me towards the door> Synonyms clasp, take, grip, holdRelated Words clench, cling (to), clutch, hold on (to); catch, nab, seize, snatchNear Antonyms discharge, drop, free, liberate, release; deliver, entrust (also intrust), give, hand, hand over, pass, relinquish, transfer, transmit, turn over, unhand

  4. 4 to have a clear idea of <the emergency operator finally grasped what he was trying to tell her> Synonyms appreciate, apprehend, assimilate, behold, catch, catch on (to), cognize, compass, conceive, cotton (to or on to), decipher, decode, dig, discern, get, comprehend, grok, intuit, know, make, make out, perceive, recognize, register, savvy, see, seize, sense, tumble (to), twig, understandRelated Words absorb, digest, take in; realize; fathom, penetrate, pierceNear Antonyms misapprehend, misconceive, misconstrue, misinterpret, misperceive, misread, mistake, misunderstandAntonyms miss

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February 8, 2016

to clear from accusation or blame

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