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noun graph·eme \ˈgra-ˌfēm\

Definition of grapheme

  1. 1 :  a unit (as a letter or digraph) of a writing system

  2. 2 :  the set of units of a writing system (as letters and letter combinations) that represent a phoneme


play \gra-ˈfē-mik\ adjective


play \-mi-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

Origin and Etymology of grapheme

-graph + -eme

First Known Use: 1932

Rhymes with grapheme

abeam, agleam, airstream, berseem, beseem, bireme, blaspheme, bloodstream, centime, coal seam, cold cream, crossbeam, daydream, downstream, dream team, drill team, egg cream, esteem, extreme, French seam, Gulf Stream, hakim, headstream, high beam, hornbeam, I beam, ice cream, inseam, jet stream, kilim, lexeme, live steam, low beam, mainstream, midstream, millime, millstream, moonbeam, morpheme, onstream, phoneme, pipe dream, redeem, regime, rhyme scheme, sealed-beam, sememe, sidestream, slipstream, sour cream, sunbeam, supreme, tag team, Tarim, third-stream, toneme, trireme, unseam, upstream, warp beam, wet dream

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articulated in the throat

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