noun \ˈmān-ˌstrēm\

Definition of MAINSTREAM

:  a prevailing current or direction of activity or influence
mainstream adjective

First Known Use of MAINSTREAM



verb \ˈmān-ˈstrēm\

: to place (a child with special educational needs) in regular school classes

: to cause (someone or something) to be included in or accepted by the group that includes most people

Full Definition of MAINSTREAM

transitive verb
:  to place (as a disabled child) in regular school classes
:  to incorporate in the mainstream

Examples of MAINSTREAM

  1. The poor should be mainstreamed into the private health-insurance system.
  2. Ideas that were once controversial have now become mainstreamed.

First Known Use of MAINSTREAM


Other Education Terms

baccalaureate, colloquium, corequisite, dissertation, monograph, pedant, practicum, survey course, thesis


adjective \ˌmān-ˌstrēm\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of MAINSTREAM

: relating to or being tobacco smoke that is drawn (as from a cigarette) directly into the mouth of the smoker and is usually inhaled into the lungs—compare sidestream


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