adjective \ˈgōsh\

: having or showing a lack of awareness about the proper way to behave : socially awkward

sometimes gauch·er sometimes gauch·est

Full Definition of GAUCHE

a :  lacking social experience or grace; also :  not tactful :  crude <it would be gauche to mention the subject>
b :  crudely made or done <a gauche turn of phrase>
:  not planar <gauche conformation of molecules>
gauche·ly adverb
gauche·ness noun

Examples of GAUCHE

  1. Would it be gauche of me to ask her how old she is?
  2. <his loud talking at the opera marked him as gauche and uncultured>
  3. Among élite scientists, it was usually considered gauche to be obsessed with anything so tangible or immediate: brilliant discoveries were supposed to percolate. —Michael Specter, New Yorker, 3 Dec. 2007

Origin of GAUCHE

French, literally, left
First Known Use: 1751

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