adjective \ˈfrē\

: not costing any money

: not held as a slave or prisoner

: not physically held by something


Full Definition of FREE

a :  having the legal and political rights of a citizen
b :  enjoying civil and political liberty <free citizens>
c :  enjoying political independence or freedom from outside domination
d :  enjoying personal freedom :  not subject to the control or domination of another
a :  not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being :  choosing or capable of choosing for itself
b :  determined by the choice of the actor or performer <free actions>
c :  made, done, or given voluntarily or spontaneously
a :  relieved from or lacking something and especially something unpleasant or burdensome <free from pain> <a speech free of political rhetoric> —often used in combination <error-free>
b :  not bound, confined, or detained by force
a :  having no trade restrictions
b :  not subject to government regulation
c of foreign exchange :  not subject to restriction or official control
a :  having no obligations (as to work) or commitments <I'll be free this evening>
b :  not taken up with commitments or obligations <a free evening>
:  having a scope not restricted by qualification <a free variable>
a :  not obstructed, restricted, or impeded <free to leave>
b :  not being used or occupied <waved with his free hand>
c :  not hampered or restricted in its normal operation
a :  not fastened <the free end of the rope>
b :  not confined to a particular position or place <in twelve-tone music, no note is wholly free for it must hold its place in the series — J. L. Stewart>
c :  capable of moving or turning in any direction <a free particle>
d :  performed without apparatus <free tumbling>
e :  done with artificial aids (as pitons) used only for protection against falling and not for support <a free climb>
a :  not parsimonious <free spending>
b :  outspoken
c :  availing oneself of something without stint
d :  frank, open
e :  overly familiar or forward in action or attitude
f :  licentious
:  not costing or charging anything
a (1) :  not united with, attached to, combined with, or mixed with something else :  separate <free ores> <a free surface of a bodily part> (2) :  freestanding <a free column>
b :  chemically uncombined <free oxygen> <free acids>
c :  not permanently attached but able to move about <a free electron in a metal>
d :  capable of being used alone as a meaningful linguistic form <the word hats is a free form> — compare 5bound 7
a :  not literal or exact <free translation>
b :  not restricted by or conforming to conventional forms <free skating>
:  favorable —used of a wind blowing from a direction more than six points from dead ahead
:  not allowing slavery
:  open to all comers
free·ness \-nəs\ noun
for free
:  without charge

Examples of FREE

  1. They're giving out free tickets to the show.
  2. The school newsletter is free.
  3. After 10 years in jail, he was finally a free man.
  4. The animal struggled to get free of the trap.
  5. His legs became caught in the net, and he was unable to get himself free.

Origin of FREE

Middle English, from Old English frēo; akin to Old High German frī free, Welsh rhydd, Sanskrit priya own, dear
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of FREE

free, independent, sovereign, autonomous mean not subject to the rule or control of another. free stresses the complete absence of external rule and the full right to make all of one's own decisions <you're free to do as you like>. independent implies a standing alone; applied to a state it implies lack of connection with any other having power to interfere with its citizens, laws, or policies <the colony's struggle to become independent>. sovereign stresses the absence of a superior power and implies supremacy within a thing's own domain or sphere <separate and sovereign armed services>. autonomous stresses independence in matters pertaining to self-government <in this denomination each congregation is regarded as autonomous>.

Rhymes with FREE

b, be, bee, c, cay, cee, Cree, d, dee, Dee, dree, e, fee, flea, flee, g, gee, ghee, glee, gree, he, key, Key, knee, lea, lee, me, mi, p, pea, pee, plea, pree, quay, re, Rhee, scree, sea, see, she, si, ski, spree, sri, t, tea, tee, the, thee, three, ti, tree, twee, Twi, v, vee, we, wee, whee, ye, z, zee



: to release (a person or animal) from a prison, cage, etc.

: to release (someone or something) from being physically held or blocked

: to cause or allow (someone or something) to stop having or being affected by something unpleasant, painful, or unwanted


Full Definition of FREE

transitive verb
a :  to cause to be free
b :  to relieve or rid of what restrains, confines, restricts, or embarrasses <free a person from debt> —often used with up <free up space on the hard drive>
c :  disentangle, clear
obsolete :  banish
fre·er noun

Examples of FREE

  1. The gunman freed two of the hostages.
  2. The animals were freed from their cages.
  3. His legs became tangled in the net, and he was unable to free himself.
  4. He was unable to free his legs from the net.
  5. The animal struggled to free itself from the trap.
  6. Hiring an assistant has freed him to spend more time with his family.
  7. She encourages her students to free their imaginations.

First Known Use of FREE

before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of FREE

free, release, liberate, emancipate, manumit mean to set loose from restraint or constraint. free implies a usually permanent removal from whatever binds, confines, entangles, or oppresses <freed the animals from their cages>. release suggests a setting loose from confinement, restraint, or a state of pressure or tension, often without implication of permanent liberation <released his anger on a punching bag>. liberate stresses particularly the resulting state of liberty <liberated their country from the tyrant>. emancipate implies the liberation of a person from subjection or domination <labor-saving devices emancipated us from household drudgery>. manumit implies emancipation from slavery <the document manumitted the slaves>.



: in a free way

: without charge : at no cost

Full Definition of FREE

:  in a free manner
:  without charge
:  with the wind more than six points from dead ahead <sailing free>

Examples of FREE

  1. The gate opened, and the animals ran free.
  2. Buy one, get one free.

First Known Use of FREE



adjective \ˈfrē\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of FREE

a :  relieved from or lacking something and especially something unpleasant or burdensome <free from pain> b :  not bound or confined by force <upon opening the skull a considerable amount of free blood is noted—H. G. Armstrong>
a (1) :  not united with, attached to, combined with, or mixed with something else <a free surface of a bodily part> (2) :  having the bare axon exposed in tissue <a free nerve ending> b :  not chemically combined <free calcium> c :  not permanently attached but able to move about <a free electron in a metal>
:  having all living connections severed before removal to another site <a free graft> <research…in free flap transfers—B. R. Alford>


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