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verb for·swear \fr-ˈswer\

: to promise to give up (something) or to stop doing (something)


Full Definition of FORSWEAR

transitive verb
:  to make a liar of (oneself) under or as if under oath
a :  to reject or renounce under oath
b :  to renounce earnestly
:  to deny under oath
intransitive verb
:  to swear falsely

Variants of FORSWEAR

for·swear also fore·swear \fr-ˈswer\

Examples of FORSWEAR

  1. She forswore her allegiance to the old regime.
  2. He foreswore cigarettes as his New Year's resolution.

Origin of FORSWEAR

Middle English forsweren, from Old English forswerian, from for- + swerian to swear
First Known Use: before 12th century

Synonym Discussion of FORSWEAR

abjure, renounce, forswear, recant, retract mean to withdraw one's word or professed belief. abjure implies a firm rejecting or abandoning often made under oath <abjured the errors of his former faith>. renounce may carry the meaning of disclaim or disown <renounced abstract art and turned to portrait painting>. forswear may add an implication of perjury or betrayal <I cannot forswear my principles>. recant stresses the withdrawing or denying of something professed or taught <if they recant they will be spared>. retract applies to the withdrawing of a promise, an offer, or an accusation <the newspaper had to retract the story>.


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