adjective \-ˈsten-dəd\

: longer than usual or typical : unusually long

: going beyond the usual, original, or basic version of something

Full Definition of EXTENDED

:  drawn out in length especially of time <an extended visit>
a :  fully stretched out <an extended battle line>
b of a horse's gait :  performed with a greatly lengthened stride but without a break — compare collected
c :  intensive <extended efforts>
:  having spatial magnitude :  being larger than a point <an extended source of light>
:  extensive 1 <made available extended information — Ruth G. Strickland>
:  derivative 1, secondary 2a <an extended sense of a word>
of a typeface :  having a wider face than that of a standard typeface
ex·tend·ed·ly adverb
ex·tend·ed·ness noun

Examples of EXTENDED

  1. <the word snake in its extended sense refers to a contemptible or treacherous person>
  2. <an extended portion of the valley is now devoted to the growing of grapes for wine>

First Known Use of EXTENDED

15th century

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