adjective \in-ˈten(t)-siv\

: involving very great effort or work

grammar : giving force or emphasis to a statement

of farming : designed to increase production without using more land

Full Definition of INTENSIVE

:  of, relating to, or marked by intensity or intensification: as
a :  highly concentrated <intensive study>
b :  tending to strengthen or increase; especially :  tending to give force or emphasis <intensive adverb>
c :  constituting or relating to a method designed to increase productivity by the expenditure of more capital and labor rather than by increase in scope <intensive farming>
in·ten·sive·ly adverb
in·ten·sive·ness noun

Examples of INTENSIVE

  1. an intensive course in business writing
  2. <an intensive effort to prevent an adult bookstore from opening in town>

First Known Use of INTENSIVE

15th century



Definition of INTENSIVE

:  an intensive linguistic element

First Known Use of INTENSIVE


Other Grammar and Linguistics Terms

ablaut, allusion, anacoluthon, diacritic, gerund, idiom, infinitive, metaphor, semiotics, simile

Rhymes with INTENSIVE


adjective \in-ˈten(t)-siv\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of INTENSIVE

: of, relating to, or marked by intensity; especially : involving the use of large doses or substances having great therapeutic activity—compare aggressive 3
in·ten·sive·ly adverb


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