noun ex·er·cise \ˈek-sər-ˌsīz\

: physical activity that is done in order to become stronger and healthier

: a particular movement or series of movements done to become stronger and healthier

: something that is done or practiced to develop a particular skill

Full Definition of EXERCISE

a :  the act of bringing into play or realizing in action :  use <the exercise of self-control>
b :  the discharge of an official function or professional occupation <exercise of his judicial duties>
c :  the act or an instance of carrying out the terms of an agreement (as an option) —often used attributively <an option's exercise price>
a :  regular or repeated use of a faculty or bodily organ
b :  bodily exertion for the sake of developing and maintaining physical fitness <trying to get more exercise>
:  something performed or practiced in order to develop, improve, or display a specific capability or skill <arithmetic exercises> <vocal exercises>
:  a performance or activity having a strongly marked secondary or ulterior aspect <party politics has always been an exercise in compromise — H. S. Ashmore>
a :  a maneuver, operation, or drill carried out for training and discipline <naval exercises>
b plural :  a program including speeches, announcements of awards and honors, and various traditional practices of secular or religious character <commencement exercises>

Examples of EXERCISE

  1. Get plenty of fresh air and exercise.
  2. Swimming is my favorite kind of exercise.
  3. She did stretching exercises before her daily run.
  4. Do the writing exercise at the end of each chapter.
  5. The negotiations have gotten nowhere, and I see no reason to continue with this pointless exercise.

Origin of EXERCISE

Middle English, from Anglo-French exercice, from Latin exercitium, from exercitare to train, exercise, frequentative of exercēre to train, occupy, from ex- + arcēre to enclose, hold off — more at ark
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with EXERCISE

advertise, agonize, alchemize, analyze, anglicize, anodize, anywise, aphorize, arborize, atomize, authorize, autolyze, balkanize, barbarize, bastardize, bestialize, bolshevize, booby prize, botanize, bowdlerize, brutalize, canalize, canonize, capsulize, caramelize, carbonize, cartelize, catalyze, catechize, cauterize, centralize, channelize, Christianize, cicatrize, circumcise, civilize, classicize, colonize, colorize, communize, compromise, concertize, concretize, creolize, criticize, customize, demonize, deputize, dialyze, digitize, disfranchise, dogmatize, dramatize, elegize, empathize, emphasize, energize, enfranchise, enterprise, equalize, erotize, eternize, etherize, eulogize, euphemize, exorcise, factorize, fantasize, federalize, feminize, fertilize, feudalize, fictionize, finalize, focalize, formalize, formulize, fossilize, fragmentize, fraternize, gallicize, galvanize, germanize, ghettoize, glamorize, globalize, gormandize, gothicize, gourmandize, grecianize, harmonize, heathenize, hebraize, hellenize, heroize, hierarchize, humanize, hybridize, hypnotize, idolize, immunize, iodize, ionize, ironize, Islamize, itemize, jeopardize, journalize, Judaize, laicize, latinize, legalize, lionize, liquidize, localize, magnetize, marbleize, martyrize, maximize, mechanize, melanize, melodize, memorize, merchandise, mesmerize, methodize, metricize, minimize, mobilize, modernize, moisturize, mongrelize, moralize, motorize, mythicize, narcotize, nasalize, nebulize, neutralize, normalize, notarize, novelize, obelize, odorize, optimize, organize, ostracize, otherwise, oversize, oxidize, paganize, palletize, paradise, paralyze, pasteurize, patronize, pauperize, penalize, penny-wise, personalize, pidginize, plasticize, Platonize, pluralize, pocket-size, poetize, polarize, polemize, pressurize, privatize, profitwise, prussianize, publicize, pulverize, racialize, randomize, rationalize, realize, recognize, rhapsodize, robotize, romanize, sanitize, satirize, scandalize, schematize, schismatize, scrutinize, sensitize, sermonize, signalize, simonize, sinicize, slenderize, sloganize, socialize, sodomize, solarize, solemnize, specialize, stabilize, Stalinize, standardize, sterilize, stigmatize, strategize, subsidize, summarize, supervise, syllogize, symbolize, sympathize, synchronize, syncretize, synopsize, synthesize, systemize, tantalize, televise, temporize, tenderize, terrorize, tetanize, teutonize, texturize, theorize, thermalize, totalize, tranquilize, traumatize, tyrannize, unionize, unitize, urbanize, utilize, valorize, vandalize, vaporize, verbalize, vernalize, victimize, vitalize, vocalize, vulcanize, vulgarize, weather-wise, weatherize, westernize, winterize, womanize, worldly-wise



: to do physical activities in order to make yourself stronger and healthier

: to use (a body part) again and again in order to make it stronger

: to cause (an animal) to walk, run, etc., : to give exercise to (an animal)


Full Definition of EXERCISE

transitive verb
a :  to make effective in action :  use <didn't exercise good judgment>
b :  to bring to bear :  exert <exercise influence>
c :  to implement the terms of (as an option)
a :  to use repeatedly in order to strengthen or develop <exercise a muscle>
b :  to train (as troops) by drills and maneuvers
c :  to put through exercises <exercise the horses>
a :  to engage the attention and effort of
b :  to cause anxiety, alarm, or indignation in <the issues exercising voters this year>
intransitive verb
:  to take exercise
ex·er·cis·able \-ˌsī-zə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of EXERCISE

  1. It's important to exercise every day.
  2. He eats right and exercises regularly.
  3. Bicycle riding exercises the leg muscles.
  4. The stable boys exercise the horses every morning.
  5. He didn't exercise good judgment.
  6. We just need to exercise common sense.
  7. She has been reluctant to exercise her authority.
  8. Exercise caution when using these chemicals.

First Known Use of EXERCISE

14th century

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