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verb ad·ver·tise \ˈad-vər-ˌtīz\

Simple Definition of advertise

  • : to make the public aware of something (such as a product) that is being sold

  • : to make a public announcement (in a newspaper, on the Internet, etc.) about something that is wanted or available

  • : to cause people to notice (something)

Full Definition of advertise


  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to make something known to :  notify

  3. 2 a :  to make publicly and generally known <advertising their readiness to make concessions> b :  to announce publicly especially by a printed notice or a broadcast c :  to call public attention to especially by emphasizing desirable qualities so as to arouse a desire to buy or patronize :  promote

  4. intransitive verb
  5. :  to issue or sponsor advertising <advertise for a secretary>

ad·ver·tis·er noun

Examples of advertise

  1. They are advertising the new edition of the book.

  2. The vacation was advertised as a week in paradise.

  3. It turned out to be exactly as advertised.

  4. Business increased after we began to advertise on the radio.

  5. If you want to attract customers, it pays to advertise.

  6. The company is advertising for a secretary.

  7. We advertised the job in the paper.

  8. She advertised her presence by wearing a skimpy dress.

Origin of advertise

Middle English, to pay heed to, observe, notify, from Anglo-French advertiss-, stem of advertir

First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with advertise

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ADVERTISE Defined for Kids


verb ad·ver·tise \ˈad-vər-ˌtīz\

Definition of advertise


  1. 1 :  to call to public attention to persuade to buy <advertise a car>

  2. 2 :  to announce publicly <The fundraising event was advertised on TV.>

ad·ver·tis·er noun

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