adjective ex·act·ing \ig-ˈzak-tiŋ\

: requiring much time, attention, or effort from someone : very difficult or demanding

Full Definition of EXACTING

:  tryingly or unremittingly severe in making demands
:  requiring careful attention and precision
ex·act·ing·ly \-tiŋ-lē\ adverb
ex·act·ing·ness noun

Examples of EXACTING

  1. He has very exacting standards.
  2. <he was shocked when his normally exacting supervisor complimented him on a job well done>

First Known Use of EXACTING


Synonym Discussion of EXACTING

onerous, burdensome, oppressive, exacting mean imposing hardship. onerous stresses being laborious and heavy especially because distasteful <the onerous task of cleaning up the mess>. burdensome suggests causing mental as well as physical strain <burdensome responsibilities>. oppressive implies extreme harshness or severity in what is imposed <the oppressive tyranny of a police state>. exacting implies rigor or sternness rather than tyranny or injustice in the demands made or in the one demanding <an exacting employer>.

Rhymes with EXACTING

EXACTINGLY Defined for Kids


adjective ex·act·ing \ig-ˈzak-tiŋ\

Definition of EXACTING for Kids

:  expecting a lot from a person <an exacting teacher>


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