verb \ˈech\

: to produce a pattern, design, etc., by using a powerful liquid (called an acid) to cut the surface of metal or glass

Full Definition of ETCH

transitive verb
a :  to produce (as a pattern or design) on a hard material by eating into the material's surface (as by acid or laser beam)
b :  to subject to such etching
:  to delineate or impress clearly <scenes etched in our minds> <pain was etched on his features>
intransitive verb
:  to practice etching
etch·er noun

Examples of ETCH

  1. etched an identification number on the back of the television
  2. glass that has been etched with an identification number

Origin of ETCH

Dutch etsen, from German ätzen to etch, corrode, from Old High German azzen to feed; akin to Old High German ezzan to eat — more at eat
First Known Use: 1634



Definition of ETCH

:  the action or effect of etching a surface
:  a chemical agent used in etching

First Known Use of ETCH


Other Fine Arts Terms

Gothic, baroque, bas-relief, limn, oeuvre, pastiche, rococo, sfumato


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