verb \in-ˈgrāv, en-\

: to cut or carve lines, letters, designs, etc., onto or into a hard surface


Full Definition of ENGRAVE

transitive verb
a :  to impress deeply as if with a graver <the incident was engraved in his memory>
b :  to form by incision (as on wood or metal)
a :  to cut figures, letters, or designs on for printing; also :  to print from an engraved plate <an engraved invitation>
b :  photoengrave
en·grav·er noun

Examples of ENGRAVE

  1. They will engrave your initials on the ring for free.
  2. She had the ring engraved with her initials.
  3. The image was engraved on the plaque.

Origin of ENGRAVE

Middle French engraver, from en- + graver to grave, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English grafan to grave
First Known Use: 1509

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