noun \ˈvech\

: a plant that has small flowers and is used to feed farm animals

Full Definition of VETCH

:  any of a genus (Vicia) of herbaceous twining leguminous plants including some grown for fodder and green manure — compare crown vetch, hairy vetch, milk vetch

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Origin of VETCH

Middle English fecche, veche, from Middle French dialect (Norman & Picard) veche, from Latin vicia; perhaps akin to Latin vincire to bind
First Known Use: 14th century


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Vetch (Vicia cracca)—Walter Dawn

Any of about 150 species of herbaceous plants in the genus Vicia of the pea family (see legume). A few species are cultivated as important fodder and cover crops and as green manure. Trailing or climbing stems grow 1–4 ft (0.3–1.2 m) tall, bearing compound leaves with several pairs of leaflets. Magenta, bluish-white, white, or yellow flowers are borne singly or in clusters. The pods contain 2–10 seeds. Like other legumes, vetches add nitrogen to the soil through nitrogen fixation. See also crown vetch.


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