adjective \i-ˈrekt\

: straight up and down

: in a state of erection because of sexual excitement : swollen and stiff

Full Definition of ERECT

a :  vertical in position; also :  not spread out or decumbent <an erect plant stem> <columns still erect in the ruins>
b :  standing up or out from the body <erect hairs>
c :  characterized by firm or rigid straightness in bodily posture <an erect bearing>
archaic :  directed upward
obsolete :  alert, watchful
:  being in a state of physiological erection
erect·ly \-ˈrek-(t)lē\ adverb
erect·ness \-ˈrek(t)-nəs\ noun

Examples of ERECT

  1. She sat erect, listening for her name.
  2. <a lone tree remained erect after the terrible tornado had passed>

Origin of ERECT

Middle English, from Latin erectus, past participle of erigere to erect, from e- + regere to lead straight, guide — more at right
First Known Use: 14th century



: to build (something) by putting together materials

: to set or place (something) so that it stands up

Full Definition of ERECT

transitive verb
a (1) :  to put up by the fitting together of materials or parts :  build (2) :  to fix in an upright position (3) :  to cause to stand up or stand out
b archaic :  to direct upward
c :  to change (an image) from an inverted to a normal position
:  to elevate in status
obsolete :  encourage, embolden
:  to draw or construct (as a perpendicular or figure) upon a given base
erect·able \-ˈrek-tə-bəl\ adjective

Examples of ERECT

  1. The city erected a statue in his honor.
  2. They erected a marker over the grave.

First Known Use of ERECT

15th century

Other Building Terms

batten, cistern, hearth, lath, transom, wainscot


adjective \i-ˈrekt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of ERECT

: standing up or out from the body <erect hairs>
: being in a state of physiological erection


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