verb \in-ˈtaŋ-gəl, en-\

: to cause (something) to get caught in or twisted with something else

: to get (someone) involved in a confusing or difficult situation

Full Definition of ENTANGLE

transitive verb
a :  to wrap or twist together :  interweave
b :  ensnare
a :  to involve in a perplexing or troublesome situation <became entangled in a lawsuit>
b :  to make complicated <the story is entangled with legends>
en·tan·gler \-g(ə-)lər\ noun

Examples of ENTANGLE

  1. <in the process of taking down the Christmas tree, we managed to entangle the string of lights into a hopeless mess of wires>
  2. <the young runaway gradually became entangled in a web of lies>

Origin of ENTANGLE

Middle English, from Anglo-French entangler — more at tangle
First Known Use: 15th century


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