verb \ˈdəmp\

: to put (something) somewhere in a quick and careless way

: to leave or get rid of (something or someone) quickly or without concern

: to end a romantic relationship with (someone)

Full Definition of DUMP

transitive verb
a :  to let fall in or as if in a heap or mass <dumped his clothes on the bed>
b :  to get rid of unceremoniously or irresponsibly <got dumped by his girlfriend>
c :  jettison <an airplane dumping gasoline>
slang :  to knock down :  beat <the man rushed out and dumped him — John Corry>
:  to sell in quantity at a very low price; specifically :  to sell abroad at less than the market price at home
:  to copy (data in a computer's internal storage) to an external storage or output device
a :  to hit or throw short and softly <dump a pass to a running back> <dump a bunt down the line>
b :  to hit (a puck) deep into the opponent's zone in ice hockey
intransitive verb
:  to fall abruptly :  plunge
:  to dump refuse
dump on
:  to treat disrespectfully; especially :  belittle, bad-mouth

Examples of DUMP

  1. You can dump the coats on the bed.
  2. I dumped the coffee down the drain.
  3. The murderer dumped the body in the river.

Origin of DUMP

perhaps from Middle Dutch dompen to immerse, topple; akin to Old Norse dumpa to thump, fall suddenly
First Known Use: 1784



Full Definition of DUMP

a :  an accumulation of refuse and discarded materials
b :  a place where such materials are dumped
a :  a quantity of reserve materials accumulated at one place
b :  a place where such materials are stored <ammunition dump>
:  a disorderly, slovenly, or objectionable place
:  an instance of dumping data stored in a computer
often vulgar :  an act of defecation —usually used with take

Examples of DUMP

  1. We bring our trash to the town dump on Saturdays.
  2. <all of the used packaging eventually ends up in the dump>

First Known Use of DUMP



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