verb \ˈdrüp\

: to sink, bend, or hang down

: to become sad or weak

Full Definition of DROOP

intransitive verb
:  to hang or incline downward
:  to sink gradually
:  to become depressed or weakened :  languish
transitive verb
:  to let droop
droop·ing·ly \ˈdrü-piŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of DROOP

  1. The flowers were drooping in the hot sun.
  2. Her eyelids drooped as she grew tired.
  3. The tree's branches drooped under the weight of the snow.
  4. His spirits drooped when he didn't get the job.

Origin of DROOP

Middle English drupen, from Old Norse drūpa; akin to Old English dropa drop
First Known Use: 13th century



Definition of DROOP

:  the condition or appearance of drooping

Examples of DROOP

  1. <tighten the line at the top of the banner so there won't be so much droop>

First Known Use of DROOP



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