verb \ˈdrip\

: to fall in drops

: to let drops of (a liquid) fall

: to have or show a large amount of something


Full Definition of DRIP

transitive verb
:  to let fall in drops <a brush dripping paint>
:  to let out or seem to spill copiously <her voice dripping sarcasm> <trees dripping Spanish moss>
intransitive verb
a :  to let fall drops of moisture or liquid <wet clothes dripping onto the floor>
b :  to overflow with or as if with moisture <stories dripping with pop-culture references> <toast dripping with butter>
:  to fall in or as if in drops <let the excess drip off>
:  to waft or pass gently
drip·per noun

Examples of DRIP

  1. Water dripped from a leak in the ceiling.
  2. Blood dripped down his leg from the cut.
  3. Hot wax dripped onto my fingers.
  4. The pine trees dripped sap onto the cars.
  5. The kids dripped water all over the house.

Origin of DRIP

Middle English drippen, from Old English dryppan; akin to Old English dropa drop
First Known Use: before 12th century

Rhymes with DRIP



: a drop of liquid that falls from something

: the sound of liquid falling in drops

: the act or action of falling in drops

Full Definition of DRIP

:  a part of a cornice or other member that projects to throw off rainwater; also :  an overlapping metal strip or an underneath groove for the same purpose
a :  a falling in drops
b :  liquid that falls, overflows, or is extruded in drops <a pan to catch drips>
:  the sound made by or as if by falling drops
:  a device for the administration of a fluid at a slow rate especially into a vein; also :  a material so administered
:  a dull or unattractive person

Examples of DRIP

  1. Drips of water fell from a leak in the ceiling.
  2. We heard the drip of the rain.
  3. the steady drip, drip, drip of the faucet
  4. Water fell from the ceiling in a steady drip.
  5. The doctor put the patient on a morphine drip to manage the pain.
  6. Don't invite that drip to your party!

First Known Use of DRIP


Related to DRIP

bore, drag, droner, dullsville, nudnik (also nudnick), snooze, snoozer, yawn, yawner



Definition of DRIP

:  of, relating to, or being coffee made by letting boiling water drip slowly through finely ground coffee <drip coffee> <a drip pot>

First Known Use of DRIP




Definition of DRIP

dividend reinvestment plan


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