adjective \dī-ˈvərs, də-ˈ, ˈdī-ˌ\

: different from each other

: made up of people or things that are different from each other

Full Definition of DIVERSE

:  differing from one another :  unlike <people with diverse interests>
:  composed of distinct or unlike elements or qualities <a diverse population>
di·verse·ly adverb
di·verse·ness noun

Examples of DIVERSE

  1. His message appealed to a diverse audience.
  2. a diverse group of subjects
  3. We can adapt to new problems in ways that other species cannot. It is this ability that enabled our ancestors to spread over the globe, displacing other hominids and many other species along the way. Our cultures and individual behaviors are so successfully diverse that humans are more like an entire ecosystem than a single species. —Barbara Oakley, Evil Genes, (2007) 2008

Origin of DIVERSE

Middle English divers, diverse, from Anglo-French & Latin; Anglo-French divers, from Latin diversus, from past participle of divertere (see divert)
First Known Use: 14th century


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