verb \ri-ˈhərs\

: to prepare for a public performance of a play, a piece of music, etc., by practicing the performance

: to direct (a group of people) as they prepare for a public performance

: to say or do (something) several times in order to practice


Full Definition of REHEARSE

transitive verb
a :  to say again :  repeat
b :  to recite aloud in a formal manner
:  to present an account of :  relate <rehearse a familiar story>
:  to recount in order :  enumerate <rehearsed their demands>
a :  to give a rehearsal of
b :  to train or make proficient by rehearsal
:  to perform or practice as if in a rehearsal
intransitive verb
:  to engage in a rehearsal
re·hears·er noun

Examples of REHEARSE

  1. The orchestra is rehearsing a piece by Schumann.
  2. The band stayed up late rehearsing for the big show.
  3. We were allowed to watch the director rehearse the dancers.
  4. lawyers rehearsing their closing arguments
  5. He rehearsed his dance moves in front of the mirror.

Origin of REHEARSE

Middle English rehersen, from Anglo-French rehercer, from re- + hercer to harrow, from herce harrow — more at hearse
First Known Use: 14th century


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