verb dis·pose \di-ˈspōz\

: to cause (someone) to be likely to do or have something

: to put (someone or something) in a particular position or place


Full Definition of DISPOSE

transitive verb
:  to give a tendency to :  incline <faulty diet disposes one to sickness>
a :  to put in place :  set in readiness :  arrange <disposing troops for withdrawal>
b obsolete :  regulate
c :  bestow
intransitive verb
:  to settle a matter finally
obsolete :  to come to terms
dis·pos·er noun
dispose of
:  to place, distribute, or arrange especially in an orderly way
a :  to transfer to the control of another <disposing of personal property to a total stranger>
b (1) :  to get rid of <how to dispose of toxic waste>
(2) :  to deal with conclusively <disposed of the matter efficiently>

Examples of DISPOSE

  1. <looking for the perfect spot to dispose the new knickknack>
  2. <disposed the surgical instruments in the exact order in which they would be needed>

Origin of DISPOSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French desposer, from Latin disponere to arrange (perfect indicative disposui), from dis- + ponere to put — more at position
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of DISPOSE

incline, bias, dispose, predispose mean to influence one to have or take an attitude toward something. incline implies a tendency to favor one of two or more actions or conclusions <I incline to agree>. bias suggests a settled and predictable leaning in one direction and connotes unfair prejudice <the experience biased him against foreigners>. dispose suggests an affecting of one's mood or temper so as to incline one toward something <her nature disposes her to trust others>. predispose implies the operation of a disposing influence well in advance of the opportunity to manifest itself <does fictional violence predispose them to accept real violence?>.



Definition of DISPOSE

obsolete :  disposal
a :  disposition
b :  demeanor

First Known Use of DISPOSE

DISPOSE Defined for Kids


verb dis·pose \dis-ˈpōz\

Definition of DISPOSE for Kids

:  to put in place :  arrange <Campsites were disposed around the lake.>
dispose of
:  to finish with <The matter was quickly disposed of.>
:  to get rid of <Please dispose of trash properly.>


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