noun di·rec·tion \də-ˈrek-shən, dī-\

: the course or path on which something is moving or pointing

directions : a statement that tells a person what to do and how to do it : an order or instruction

: instructions that tell you how to go to a place

Full Definition of DIRECTION

:  guidance or supervision of action or conduct :  management
archaic :  superscription
a :  an explicit instruction :  order
b :  assistance in pointing out the proper route —usually used in plural <asked for directions to the beach>
:  the line or course on which something is moving or is aimed to move or along which something is pointing or facing
archaic :  directorate 1
a :  a channel or direct course of thought or action
b :  tendency, trend
c :  a guiding, governing, or motivating purpose
a :  the art and technique of directing an orchestra, band, or a show (as for stage or screen)
b :  a word, phrase, or sign indicating the appropriate tempo, mood, or intensity of a passage or movement in music
di·rec·tion·less \-ləs\ adjective
di·rec·tion·less·ness noun

Examples of DIRECTION

  1. The army attacked from three different directions.
  2. Down the road, he could see a bus coming from the opposite direction.
  3. The wind changed direction and started blowing in our faces.
  4. Carefully read the directions before you begin the test.
  5. Directions appear on the package.
  6. We had to stop to ask for directions to the beach.
  7. Excuse me. Could you please give me directions to the movie theater?
  8. He was put in charge and given overall direction of the program.
  9. Twenty-three employees work under her direction.
  10. Several nurses working under the direction of this doctor have made complaints.

First Known Use of DIRECTION

15th century
DIRECTIONS Defined for Kids


noun di·rec·tion \də-ˈrek-shən, dī-\

Definition of DIRECTION for Kids

:  the path along which something moves, lies, or points <I'm coming from the opposite direction.>
:  an order or instruction to be followed <Read the directions first.>
:  instructions on how to get somewhere
:  supervision, management <He took over direction of the project.>
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