noun \ˈma-nij-mənt\

: the act or skill of controlling and making decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc.

: the people who make decisions about a business, department, sports team, etc.

: the act or process of deciding how to use something

Full Definition of MANAGEMENT

:  the act or art of managing :  the conducting or supervising of something (as a business)
:  judicious use of means to accomplish an end
:  the collective body of those who manage or direct an enterprise
man·age·men·tal \ˌma-nij-ˈmen-təl\ adjective

Examples of MANAGEMENT

  1. Business improved under the management of new owners.
  2. We're using new management techniques.
  3. Management and labor could not agree.
  4. He has a job in middle management.
  5. The managements of several top corporations met yesterday.
  6. a new system of water management

First Known Use of MANAGEMENT


Other Business Terms

amortize, caveat emptor, clearinghouse, divest, due diligence, emolument, green-collar, marque, overhead, perquisite


noun \ˈman-ij-mənt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of MANAGEMENT

: the whole system of care and treatment of a disease or a sick individual <the management of contagious diseases>


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