adjective \ˈder-ə-ˌlikt, ˈde-rə-\

: no longer cared for or used by anyone

: failing to do what should be done

Full Definition of DERELICT

:  abandoned especially by the owner or occupant; also :  run-down
:  lacking a sense of duty :  negligent

Examples of DERELICT

  1. The officer was charged with being derelict in his duty.
  2. <the guards were judged derelict in their duty>

Origin of DERELICT

Latin derelictus, past participle of derelinquere to abandon, from de- + relinquere to leave — more at relinquish
First Known Use: 1649



: a person who has no money, job, home, etc.

Full Definition of DERELICT

a :  something voluntarily abandoned; especially :  a ship abandoned on the high seas
b :  a tract of land left dry by receding water
:  a destitute homeless social misfit :  vagrant, bum

Examples of DERELICT

  1. It was a run-down neighborhood filled with drugs addicts and derelicts.
  2. <a section of the city that seemed to be frequented mostly by derelicts>

First Known Use of DERELICT



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