noun beg·gar \ˈbe-gər\

: a person who lives by begging for money, food, etc.

: a person who is regarded as lucky, unlucky, lazy, etc.

Full Definition of BEGGAR

:  one that begs; especially :  a person who lives by asking for gifts
:  pauper
:  fellow 4c

Examples of BEGGAR

  1. I heard you won the contest! You lucky beggar!
  2. <the pitiful beggars that are such a common sight in underdeveloped countries>

Origin of BEGGAR

Middle English beggere, beggare, from beggen to beg + -ere, -are 2-er
First Known Use: 13th century

Rhymes with BEGGAR



: to make (someone or something) very poor

—used in the phrases beggar belief and beggar description to talk about something that is very difficult to believe or describe

beg·garedbeg·gar·ing \ˈbe-gə-riŋ\

Full Definition of BEGGAR

transitive verb
:  to reduce to beggary
:  to exceed the resources or abilities of :  defy <beggars description> <so outrageous as to beggar belief>

Examples of BEGGAR

  1. Years of civil war had beggared the country.

First Known Use of BEGGAR

15th century
May 23, 2015
debouch Hear it
to emerge or cause to emerge
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