noun in·ter·dict \ˈin-tər-ˌdikt\

Definition of INTERDICT

:  a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical censure withdrawing most sacraments and Christian burial from a person or district
:  a prohibitory decree

Examples of INTERDICT

  1. <the church's controversial interdict against the use of birth control devices>


Middle English, alteration of entredite, from Anglo-French, from Latin interdictum prohibition, from neuter of interdictus, past participle of interdicere to interpose, forbid, from inter- + dicere to say — more at diction
First Known Use: 15th century


verb in·ter·dict \ˌin-tər-ˈdikt\

Definition of INTERDICT

transitive verb
:  to lay under or prohibit by an interdict
:  to forbid in a usually formal or authoritative manner
a :  to destroy, damage, or cut off (as an enemy line of supply) by firepower to stop or hamper an enemy
b :  intercept 2a <interdict drug shipments>
in·ter·dic·tion \-ˈdik-shən\ noun
in·ter·dic·tive \-ˈdik-tiv\ adjective
in·ter·dic·tor \-tər\ noun
in·ter·dic·to·ry \-t(ə-)rē\ adjective

Examples of INTERDICT

  1. <the state legislature moved to interdict the use of radar-detection devices by motorists>
  2. <federal agents are able to interdict only a small percentage of the narcotic shipments into the country>

First Known Use of INTERDICT

15th century


noun in·ter·dict \ˈint-ər-ˌdikt\   (Medical Dictionary)

Medical Definition of INTERDICT

civil law :  one who has been determined to be incompetent to care for his or her own person or affairs (as by reason of mental incapacity)


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