verb \di-ˈpōz, dē-\

: to remove (someone) from a powerful position


Full Definition of DEPOSE

transitive verb
:  to remove from a throne or other high position
:  to put down :  deposit
[Middle English, from Medieval Latin deponere, from Late Latin]
a :  to testify to under oath or by affidavit
b :  affirm, assert
c :  to take a deposition of <depose a witness>
intransitive verb
:  to bear witness

Examples of DEPOSE

  1. <a military junta deposed the dictator after he had bankrupted the country>
  2. <she was nervous when the time to depose before the jury finally arrived>

Origin of DEPOSE

Middle English, from Anglo-French deposer, from Late Latin deponere (perfect indicative deposui), from Latin, to put down
First Known Use: 14th century


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