verb \ˈast\

: to cause or force (someone or something) to leave a position of power, a competition, etc.

: to take the place of (someone or something)

Full Definition of OUST

transitive verb
a :  to remove from or dispossess of property or position by legal action, by force, or by the compulsion of necessity
b :  to take away (as a right or authority) :  bar, remove
:  to take the place of :  supplant

Examples of OUST

  1. The rebels ousted the dictator from power.
  2. Large national banks are ousting local banks in many communities.

Origin of OUST

Middle English, from Anglo-French oster, ouster to take off, remove, oust, from Late Latin obstare to ward off, from Latin, to stand in the way, from ob- in the way + stare to stand — more at ob-, stand
First Known Use: 15th century

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