adjective de·ject·ed \di-ˈjek-təd, dē-\

: sad because of failure, loss, etc.

Full Definition of DEJECTED

:  cast down in spirits :  depressed
a obsolete of the eyes :  downcast
b archaic :  thrown down
obsolete :  lowered in rank or condition
de·ject·ed·ly adverb
de·ject·ed·ness noun

Examples of DEJECTED

  1. The dejected players left the field.
  2. <the dejected players slowly made their way back to the locker room, where they could mourn their defeat in private>

First Known Use of DEJECTED


Related to DEJECTED

bad, blue, brokenhearted, cast down, crestfallen, sad, depressed, despondent, disconsolate, doleful, down, downcast, downhearted, down in the mouth, droopy, forlorn, gloomy, glum, hangdog, heartbroken, heartsick, heartsore, heavyhearted, inconsolable, joyless, low, low-spirited, melancholic, melancholy, miserable, mournful, saddened, sorrowful, sorry, unhappy, woebegone, woeful, wretched
blissful, buoyant, buoyed, cheerful, cheery, chipper, delighted, glad, gladdened, gladsome, gleeful, happy, joyful, joyous, jubilant, sunny, upbeat
DEJECTEDLY Defined for Kids


adjective de·ject·ed \di-ˈjek-təd\

Definition of DEJECTED for Kids

:  sad 1 <We were dejected at losing the game.>
de·ject·ed·ly adverb
Medical Dictionary


adjective de·ject·ed \di-ˈjek-təd\

Medical Definition of DEJECTED

:  cast down in spirits :  depressed


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