adjective \ə-ˈfek-təd, a-\

: not natural or genuine

Full Definition of AFFECTED

:  inclined, disposed <was well affected toward her>
a :  having or showing an attitude or mode of behavior that is not natural or genuinely felt :  given to or marked by affectation <spoke in an affected manner>
b :  assumed artificially or falsely :  pretended <an affected interest in art>
af·fect·ed·ly adverb
af·fect·ed·ness noun

Examples of AFFECTED

  1. <affected laughter at the boss's jokes>
  2. <with her pinkie extended, the four-year-old held her tiny teacup in that affected manner that some women have>
  3. Leinart laughs with his friends about the parallels with his favorite TV show, but he's sensitive about the perception that he's an affected socialite. —Michael Silver, Sports Illustrated, 23 July 2007

Origin of AFFECTED

(see 2affect)
First Known Use: 1587


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