verb \ˈdn, ˈdän\

: to begin to become light as the sun rises

: to start or begin

: to begin to be understood

Full Definition of DAWN

intransitive verb
:  to begin to grow light as the sun rises
:  to begin to appear or develop
:  to begin to be perceived or understood <the truth finally dawned on us>

Examples of DAWN

  1. They waited for the day to dawn.
  2. A new age is dawning.

Origin of DAWN

Middle English, probably back-formation from dawning daybreak, alteration of dawing, from Old English dagung, from dagian
First Known Use: 15th century

Rhymes with DAWN



: the time of day when sunlight first begins to appear

: the beginning of something

Full Definition of DAWN

:  the first appearance of light in the morning followed by sunrise
:  beginning <the dawn of the space age>

Examples of DAWN

  1. as dawn breaks over the city
  2. Winter brings late dawns and early sunsets.

First Known Use of DAWN

15th century


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