adjective \ˈkrüd\

: very simple and basic : made or done in a way that does not show a lot of skill

: rude in a way that makes people uncomfortable; especially : talking about sexual matters in a rude way

: very simple and basic in a way that is true but not complete


Full Definition of CRUDE

:  existing in a natural state and unaltered by cooking or processing <crude oil>
archaic :  unripe, immature
:  marked by the primitive, gross, or elemental or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity <a crude stereotype>
:  rough or inexpert in plan or execution <a crude shelter>
:  lacking a covering, glossing, or concealing element :  obvious <crude facts>
:  tabulated without being broken down into classes <the crude death rate>
crude·ly adverb
crude·ness noun

Examples of CRUDE

  1. They built a crude shelter out of branches.
  2. a crude summary of the country's history
  3. She first described the procedure in crude terms, and then went into more detail.

Origin of CRUDE

Middle English, from Latin crudus raw, crude, undigested — more at raw
First Known Use: 14th century

Synonym Discussion of CRUDE

rude, rough, crude, raw mean lacking in social refinement. rude implies ignorance of or indifference to good form; it may suggest intentional discourtesy <rude behavior>. rough is likely to stress lack of polish and gentleness <rough manners>. crude may apply to thought or behavior limited to the gross, the obvious, or the primitive <a crude joke>. raw suggests being untested, inexperienced, or unfinished <turning raw youths into polished performers>.



: oil as it exists in the ground : petroleum that is not yet ready to be used as fuel

Full Definition of CRUDE

:  a substance in its natural unprocessed state; especially :  unrefined petroleum

First Known Use of CRUDE

circa 1904
CRUDELY Defined for Kids


adjective \ˈkrüd\

Definition of CRUDE for Kids

:  in a natural state and not changed by special treatment :  raw <crude oil> <crude sugar>
:  planned or done in a rough or unskilled way <a crude drawing>
:  not having or showing good manners :  vulgar <crude language>
crude·ly adverb
crude·ness noun


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