noun cor·rec·tion \kə-ˈrek-shən\

: a change that makes something right, true, accurate, etc.

: the act of making something (such as an error or a bad condition) accurate or better : the act of correcting something

: the act or process of punishing and changing the behavior of people who have committed crimes ( US )

Full Definition of CORRECTION

:  the action or an instance of correcting: as
a :  amendment, rectification
b :  rebuke, punishment
c :  a bringing into conformity with a standard
d :  neutralization, counteraction <correction of acidity>
:  a decline in market price or business activity following and counteracting a rise
a :  something substituted in place of what is wrong <marking corrections on the students' papers>
b :  a quantity applied by way of correcting (as for adjustment of an instrument)
:  the treatment and rehabilitation of offenders through a program involving penal custody, parole, and probation; also :  the administration of such treatment as a matter of public policy —usually used in plural
cor·rec·tion·al \-shnəl, -shə-nəl\ adjective

Examples of CORRECTION

  1. The teacher marked corrections on his students' tests.
  2. Please make corrections before handing in your compositions.
  3. the correction of your mistakes
  4. people in need of vision correction

First Known Use of CORRECTION

14th century
CORRECTIONAL Defined for Kids


noun cor·rec·tion \kə-ˈrek-shən\

Definition of CORRECTION for Kids

:  the act of making something agree with what is right or standard <correction of vision>
:  a change that makes something right <I read the teacher's corrections on my paper.>
:  punishment 1
cor·rec·tion·al \-shə-nəl\ adjective
Medical Dictionary


noun cor·rec·tion \kə-ˈrek-shən\

Medical Definition of CORRECTION

:  the action or an instance of correcting or neutralizing a harmful or undesirable condition <correction of acidity> <correction of visual defects with glasses>


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