verb \ˌkän-trə-ˈdikt\

: to say the opposite of (something that someone else has said) : to deny the truth of (something)

: to deny or disagree with what is being said by (someone)

: to not agree with (something) in a way that shows or suggests that it is false, wrong, etc.

Full Definition of CONTRADICT

transitive verb
:  to assert the contrary of :  take issue with <contradict a rumor>
:  to imply the opposite or a denial of <your actions contradict your words>
con·tra·dict·able \-ˈdik-tə-bəl\ adjective
con·tra·dic·tor \-ˈdik-tər\ noun

Examples of CONTRADICT

  1. He contradicted the charges of his critics.
  2. My sister doesn't like being contradicted.
  3. The mayor's actions in office contradicted the promises he made during the campaign.


Latin contradictus, past participle of contradicere, from contra- + dicere to say, speak — more at diction
First Known Use: 1582


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