come up

come up


Definition of COME UP

intransitive verb
:  rise 6
:  to come near :  make an approach <came up and introduced himself>
:  to rise in rank or status <an officer who came up from the ranks>
a :  to come to attention or consideration <the question never came up>
b :  to occur in the course of time <any problem that may come up>
:  to turn out to be <the coin came up tails>
chiefly dialect :  grow up
come up empty
:  to fail to achieve a desired result
come up with
:  to produce especially in dealing with a problem or challenge <came up with a solution>

Examples of COME UP

  1. <the girl came up to the counter and asked if she could have her order prepared to go>
  2. <let me know if anything else comes up during the project>

First Known Use of COME UP

14th century


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