verb \kō-ˈhir\

: to be combined or united in a logical and effective way


Full Definition of COHERE

intransitive verb
a :  to hold together firmly as parts of the same mass; broadly :  stick, adhere
b :  to display cohesion of plant parts
:  to hold together as a mass of parts that cohere
a :  to become united in principles, relationships, or interests
b :  to be logically or aesthetically consistent
transitive verb
:  to cause (parts or components) to cohere

Examples of COHERE

  1. <the account in his journal coheres with the official report of the battle>
  2. <beset by personal animosities, the people of the neighborhood could not cohere into an effective civic association>

Origin of COHERE

Latin cohaerēre, from co- + haerēre to stick
First Known Use: 1598


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