verb \ˈklinch\

: to make (something) certain or final

: to make certain the winning of (something)

: to hold each other closely during a fight

Full Definition of CLINCH

transitive verb
:  clench 3
a :  to turn over or flatten the protruding pointed end of (a driven nail); also :  to treat (as a screw, bolt, or rivet) in a similar way
b :  to fasten in this way
a :  to make final or irrefutable :  settle <that clinched the argument>
b :  to assure the winning of <scored a touchdown to clinch the game>
intransitive verb
:  to hold an opponent (as in boxing) at close quarters with one or both arms
:  to hold fast or firmly
clinch·ing·ly \ˈklin-chiŋ-lē\ adverb

Examples of CLINCH

  1. His home run clinched the victory.
  2. The new evidence clinches the case.
  3. Her work on the project should clinch her a promotion.
  4. The photos of the city have clinched it for me. I have to visit Prague.
  5. If they win tonight's game they'll clinch the pennant.

Origin of CLINCH

probably alteration of clench
First Known Use: 1542



: a position in which two people (such as two boxers) are holding each other very closely

Full Definition of CLINCH

:  a fastening by means of a clinched nail, rivet, or bolt; also :  the clinched part of a nail, rivet, or bolt
archaic :  pun
:  an act or instance of clinching in boxing
:  embrace

Examples of CLINCH

  1. The referee told the boxers to break their clinch.

First Known Use of CLINCH


Other Building Terms

batten, cistern, hearth, lath, transom, wainscot


geographical name \ˈklinch\

Definition of CLINCH

river ab 300 miles (480 kilometers) SW Virginia & E Tennessee flowing SW into Tennessee River
CLINCHINGLY Defined for Kids


verb \ˈklinch\

Definition of CLINCH for Kids

:  to show to be certain or true <She presented facts that clinched the argument.>


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