noun \ˈchan(t)s\

: an opportunity to do something : an amount of time or a situation in which something can be done

: the possibility that something will happen

: the way that events happen when they are not planned or controlled by people

Full Definition of CHANCE

a :  something that happens unpredictably without discernible human intention or observable cause
b :  the assumed impersonal purposeless determiner of unaccountable happenings :  luck <an outcome decided by chance>
c :  the fortuitous or incalculable element in existence :  contingency
:  a situation favoring some purpose :  opportunity <needed a chance to relax>
:  a fielding opportunity in baseball
a :  the possibility of a particular outcome in an uncertain situation; also :  the degree of likelihood of such an outcome <a small chance of success>
b plural :  the more likely indications <chances are he's already gone>
a :  risk <not taking any chances>
b :  a raffle ticket
chance adjective
by chance
:  in the haphazard course of events <they met by chance>

Examples of CHANCE

  1. This is the chance of a lifetime!
  2. Everyone deserves a fair chance of winning the award.
  3. If you give me a chance, I know I can do a good job.
  4. We didn't have much chance to talk about it.
  5. There's a good chance that we'll finish on time.
  6. If you are free tonight, is there any chance you could join me for dinner?
  7. Which cards you're given is simply a matter of chance.

Origin of CHANCE

Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *cadentia fall, from Latin cadent-, cadens, present participle of cadere to fall; perhaps akin to Sanskrit śad- to fall off
First Known Use: 14th century

Rhymes with CHANCE



: to accept the danger of (doing something)


Full Definition of CHANCE

intransitive verb
a :  to take place, come about, or turn out by chance :  happen <it chanced to rain that day>
b :  to have the good or bad luck <we chanced to meet>
:  to come or light by chance <they chanced upon a remote inn>
transitive verb
:  to leave the outcome of to chance
:  to accept the hazard of :  risk <knew the trip was dangerous but decided to chance it>
chance one's arm
British :  to take a risk

Examples of CHANCE

  1. He couldn't chance playing with a broken toe.
  2. <I don't think we should chance driving in this snowstorm.>

First Known Use of CHANCE

14th century


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