noun \ˈsē-dər\

: a very tall evergreen tree

: the hard, reddish, and pleasant-smelling wood of a cedar

Full Definition of CEDAR

a :  any of a genus (Cedrus) of usually tall coniferous trees (as the cedar of Lebanon or the deodar) of the pine family noted for their fragrant durable wood
b :  any of numerous coniferous trees (as of the genera Juniperus, Chamaecyparis, or Thuja of the cypress family) that resemble the true cedars especially in the fragrance and durability of their wood
:  the wood of a cedar
ce·dary \-dər-ē, -də-rē\ adjective

Examples of CEDAR

  1. a chair made of cedar

Origin of CEDAR

Middle English cedre, from Anglo-French, from Latin cedrus, from Greek kedros
First Known Use: 14th century


geographical name \ˈsē-dər\

Definition of CEDAR

river 329 miles (529 kilometers) SE Minnesota & E Iowa flowing SE into the Iowa River


noun    (Concise Encyclopedia)

Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani)—G.E. Hyde—Natural History Photographic Agency/EB Inc.

Any of four species of tall ornamental and timber evergreen coniferous trees of the genus Cedrus, in the pine family. Three cedars are native to mountainous areas of the Mediterranean region and one to the western Himalayas. These “true” cedars are the Atlas cedar (C. atlantica), the Cyprus cedar (C. brevifolia), the deodar (C. deodara), and the cedar of Lebanon (C. libani). Cedarwood is light, soft, resinous, and durable, even when in contact with soil or moisture. Many other conifers known as cedars resemble true cedars in being evergreen and in having aromatic, often red or red-tinged wood that in many cases is decay-resistant and insect-repellent. The giant arborvitae, incense cedar, and some junipers (red cedar) provide the familiar “cedarwood” of pencils, chests, closet linings, and fence posts. See also white cedar.


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