adjective \ˈkazh-wəl, ˈka-zhə-wəl, ˈka-zhəl\

: happening by chance : not planned or expected

: designed for or permitting ordinary dress, behavior, etc. : not formal

: done without much thought, effort, or concern

Full Definition of CASUAL

:  subject to, resulting from, or occurring by chance <a casual meeting>
a :  occurring without regularity :  occasional <casual employment>
b :  employed for irregular periods <a casual worker>
c :  met with on occasion and known only superficially <a casual friend>
a (1) :  feeling or showing little concern :  nonchalant <a casual approach to cooking> (2) :  lacking a high degree of interest or devotion <casual sports fans> <casual readers> (3) :  done without serious intent or commitment <casual sex>
b (1) :  informal, natural <a casual conversation>
(2) :  designed for informal use <casual clothing>
ca·su·al·ly adverb
ca·su·al·ness noun

Examples of CASUAL

  1. a casual encounter on the sidewalk
  2. The atmosphere at the meeting was quite casual.
  3. He made a casual remark about her shoes.
  4. He's a casual sports fan.

Origin of CASUAL

Middle English, from Anglo-French & Late Latin; Anglo-French casuel, from Late Latin casualis, from Latin casus fall, chance — more at case
First Known Use: 14th century



Definition of CASUAL

:  a casual or migratory worker
:  an officer or enlisted person awaiting assignment or transportation to a unit

First Known Use of CASUAL

circa 1852


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