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carry the torch

Definition of carry the torch

  1. :  to support or promote a cause in an enthusiastic way <His children continue to carry the torch for justice.>

Rhymes with carry the torch

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  to move while supporting :  transport

    :  to convey by direct communication

    :  conduct, escort

  1. :  carrying power

    :  the range of a gun or projectile or of a struck or thrown ball

    :  portage

  1. :  a burning stick of resinous wood or twist of tow used to give light and usually carried in the hand :  flambeau

    :  something (as tradition, wisdom, or knowledge) likened to a torch as giving light or guidance

    :  any of various portable devices for emitting an unusually hot flame — compare blowtorch

  1. :  to set fire to with or as if with a torch

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mysterious, holy, or spiritual

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