noun \pl-ˈra-lə-tē\

: a usually large number of things

: a number of votes that is more than the number of votes for any other candidate or party but that is not more than half of the total number of votes

grammar : the state of being plural

plural plu·ral·i·ties

Full Definition of PLURALITY

a :  the state of being plural
b :  the state of being numerous
c :  a large number or quantity
:  pluralism 1; also :  a benefice held by pluralism
a :  a number greater than another
b :  an excess of votes over those cast for an opposing candidate
c :  a number of votes cast for a candidate in a contest of more than two candidates that is greater than the number cast for any other candidate but not more than half the total votes cast

First Known Use of PLURALITY

14th century

Other Number-Related Terms

jubilee, myriad, quarantine, score, twain


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