verb \ˈbəlj also ˈblj\

: to stick out in a rounded lump

: to be completely filled with something


Full Definition of BULGE

transitive verb
:  to cause to bulge
intransitive verb
archaic :  bilge
a :  to jut out :  swell
b :  to bend outward
c :  to become swollen or protuberant <bulging eyes>
:  to be filled to overflowing <a notebook bulging with ideas>

Examples of BULGE

  1. His face turned white and his eyes bulged.
  2. middle-aged people bulging at the waist
  3. Their bags bulged with books and papers.
  4. The squirrel's cheeks were bulging with nuts.
  5. a notebook bulging with ideas

Origin of BULGE

Middle English bolgen
First Known Use: 15th century



: a rounded lump on the surface of something

: a sudden increase

Full Definition of BULGE

a :  bilge 1
b :  bilge 2
:  a protuberant or swollen part or place
:  sudden expansion
bulgy \ˈbəl-jē also ˈbl-\ adjective

Examples of BULGE

  1. What's in there? he asked, pointing to the large bulge in my purse.
  2. I'm exercising to get rid of this bulge around my middle.

Origin of BULGE

Middle English boulge, bouge leather bag, curved part, from Anglo-French bouge bag — more at budget
First Known Use: 1622


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