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bright spark

Definition of bright spark

British informal + disapproving

  1. :  a person who says or does something that seems intelligent but is really not <Who's the bright spark who came up with this rotten idea?>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  radiating or reflecting light :  shining, sparkling

    :  sunny

    :  radiant with happiness

  1. :  a small particle of a burning substance thrown out by a body in combustion or remaining when combustion is nearly completed

    :  a hot glowing particle struck from a larger mass

    :  one heated by friction

  1. :  to throw out sparks

    :  to flash or fall like sparks

    :  to produce sparks

  1. :  a foppish young man

    :  lover, beau

  1. :  woo, court

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