noun \ˈbäm-ˌbärd\

Definition of BOMBARD

:  a late medieval cannon used to hurl large stones

Origin of BOMBARD

Middle English bombarde, from Middle French, probably from Latin bombus
First Known Use: 15th century

Other History Terms

agonistic, carpetbagger, enceinte, fief, historiography, paladin


verb \bäm-ˈbärd also bəm-\

: to attack (a place) with bombs, large guns, etc.

: to hit or attack (something or someone) constantly or repeatedly

Full Definition of BOMBARD

transitive verb
:  to attack especially with artillery or bombers
:  to assail vigorously or persistently (as with questions)
:  to subject to the impact of rapidly moving particles (as electrons)
bom·bard·ment \-mənt\ noun

Examples of BOMBARD

  1. The navy bombarded the shore.
  2. Scientists bombarded the sample with X-rays.
  3. The car was bombarded by rocks as it drove away from the angry crowd.

First Known Use of BOMBARD


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Other Military Terms

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