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blast from the past

Definition of blast from the past


  1. :  something that is a reminder of an earlier time <Hearing that old song again was a real blast from the past.>

Word by Word Definitions

  1. :  a violent gust of wind

    :  the effect or accompaniment (as sleet) of such a gust

    :  the sound produced by an impulsion of air through a wind instrument or whistle

  1. :  blare

    :  to make a vigorous attack

    :  to use an explosive

  1. :  ago

    :  just gone or elapsed

    :  having existed or taken place in a period before the present :  bygone

  1. :  beyond the age for or of

    :  after

    :  at the farther side of :  beyond

  1. :  time gone by

    :  something that happened or was done in the past

    :  the past tense of a language

  1. :  so as to reach and go beyond a point near at hand

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